Creative Exchanges

Five Creative Exchanges focused on dance and video, sound and place, embodying and eliciting story, and site-based physical performance were designed to enable participants to reflect creatively on their experiences of identity across places and cultures. 

Exchange #1 (21st July, 2018)

Aunty Fay Stewart-Muir, Boon Wurrung custodian accompanied the artists/participants for a walk and talk about significant cultural sites in Wyndham. Discussions were based around connections to place for both original owners of the land and newly arrived citizens.

Exchange #2 (4th Aug, 2018)

Led by Dianne Reid, this workshop was a warm-up into movement improvisation – exploring body and space and moving as a group. This led to the exploration of moving, viewing and framing, into ‘screendance’, an embodied video practice.

Exchange #3 (18th Aug, 2018)

 A ‘Storytelling’ process led by Patrick West, eliciting personal stories as they relate to the themes of the project – identity, citizenship, experiences of place and being ‘between two worlds’.

This exchange also welcomed the sharing of an aspect of each paricipant’s artistic practice. They showed or engaged the group in an activity relating to their art.

Exchange #4 (1st Sept, 2018)

In this participatory sound workshop, participants explored: Who is my Self? What is my Music? What is the future of Wyndham/Melbourne/Australia/India that I want to be a part of? They engaged in walking dialogues and micro-observations and responded through movement, gesture, sound, music-making and conversation the collective field of future possibilities on individual and social levels.

This creative exchange was led my Myfanwy (Min) Hunter.

Exchange #5 (15th Sept, 2018)

Led by Gretel Taylor & Shaun McLeod, this cultural exchange introduced movement and perception activities into site-specific performance along the river and shopping strip. Incorporating stories/experiences/memories of place, the participants own mediums developed into individual responses to local sites.