About Us

Shaun McLeod

Shaun McLeod is a dancer, choreographer and senior lecturer in dance at Deakin University. As a dancer he danced with Australian Dance Theatre, One Extra Co and Danceworks. His choreographic work includes the weight of the thing left its mark which was part of Australia’s national contemporary dance festival Dance Massive in 2011. He loves dance improvisation in performance as well as making dance that is responsive to site and place. He currently creates and performs with the collective About Now who make site-specific performance work. Shaun holds a PhD in dance improvisation and is one of the artist/researchers on this project. www.aboutnow.net

Gretel Taylor

Gretel Taylor is an artist, dancer, researcher, curator and teacher.
She creates site-responsive performance works and facilitates art projects that explore experiences and identities in relation to place. She is currently performing as solo dance artist, in collaboration with Environmental Performance Authority and curating upcoming exhibition ‘Force of Nature’. www.greteltaylor.com

Dianne Reid

Dianne Reid is a performer, choreographer, camera operator, video editor and educator. She was a founding member of Outlet Dance, Adelaide (1987–89), a member of Danceworks, Melbourne (1990–95), and a lecturer in dance at Deakin University since 1996. She completed a PhD in screendance and performance improvisation in 2016.

Patrick West

Patrick West is a widely published fiction writer, essayist, public intellectual, and Associate Professor in Writing and Literature. He is also the Higher Degree Research Coordinator in Deakin’s School of Communication and Creative Arts, and in 2016 initiated the one-year PhD by Prior Publications in the Creative Arts for artist-scholars with outstanding national or international reputations. As a teacher, Patrick has a special interest and expertise in developing real-world writing opportunities for young, marginalized, and emerging writers.

Patrick is a strong advocate for best practice in preparing writers to thrive in a fast-evolving, international writing marketplace. He is a member of ACEA (Australasian Corrections Education Association Inc: “supporting ideas and values for education and training in correctional settings”). His writing often incorporates multi-artform collaborations with photographers, dancers, sound designers, film-makers, and public art practitioners. His short story collection, The World Swimmers, was praised by The Australian as “a textured, bold and ambitious debut” containing “incredible insight into the human condition throughout”. Patrick’s current research focus is on the relations of writing and architecture.

Anindita Banerjee

Anindita Banerjee is an interdisciplinary artist and academic researcher and often introduces herself as a twice uprooted Indian. Through lenses of socio-political ideologies of hybridity and liminality, through her creative practice and academic research she challenges the notion of ‘fitting in’ to sociocultural spaces literally and metaphorically. With a background of working in Human Resources in the IT industry, she has widely exhibited in Australia. She has recently had a solo exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata. She is a Sessional Lecturer and is pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy at Deakin University. www.aninditabanerjee.com