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Dancing Between Two Worlds

Drawing together practices of dance, music, installation, video, writing and academic research, Dancing Between Two Worlds evokes experiences of diaspora beyond the clichés – from embodied, emplaced perspectives.

The Indian Australian artists involved in the project ‘dance between’ their current location in the western suburbs of Melbourne - busy with work, study and/or family - and the rich cultures of their home country. Often this connection is enacted through the medium of their artistic practice. By bringing these arts into public spaces in Wyndham, Dancing Between Two Worlds makes visible and gives presence to the artists’ mobile identities. In 2019 we plan to create an exciting site-specific performance work that reveals the incredible talent of local artists and community members and reflects the nuanced experiences and contributions of Indian people living in Australia. This work will travel along, and inhabit, sites along the main street of Werribee and down to the Werribee river. Initiated by Deakin University artists/researchers in 2018, a series of creative exchange workshops and interviews explored and researched themes and artistic possibilities with artists from Indian backgrounds based in Wyndham, Victoria. The Deakin team is Shaun McLeod (dance), Gretel Taylor (site-specific performance), Dianne Reid (screendance), Patrick West (creative writing) and Dita Banerjee (fine art, installation).

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Dancing Between Two Worlds is a site-specific performance at the intersections of cultural identity, citizenship and experiences of place.

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